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Basil Oil

Basil Oil 225 ml

We produce our Basil Oil by tossing fresh California basil together with late harvest olives at the time of crushing – a 100% natural process that captures the essence of basil in all its complexity. It’s a world of difference from oils flavored with “concentrates” from a lab. As olive oil is a natural preservative – literally preserving the basil – and a conduit for flavor, our herb and citrus oils are no-brainers for fast, fresh flavor any time of year.


  • Top a Caprese or Greek salad with our Basil Oil for unbeatable deliciousness
  • Use Basil Oil in your next batch of pesto
  • Marinate roasted sweet peppers in our Basil Oil for a delectably simple antipasti
  • Coat butternut or delicata squash with Basil Oil and sea salt, roast and enjoy
  • Drizzle Basil Oil onto a bowl of veggie stew, white beans or pasta just before serving
  • Toss chopped canned Marzano tomatoes and with sea salt and our Basil Oil before nestling onto toasts for easy, fast brushchetta!

Pairs well with: Persian Lime OilLisbon Lemon OilHarissaWhite and Dark Balsamic Vinegars, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, garlic, mashed potatoes, bell peppers, oregano, mozzarella, eggs, shellfish, pesto, salmon, lamb, turkey, pastas, soups & pizzas

Basil Oil Recipes

Harvest Date:October 2017- January 2018

photo credit: Erin Scott

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