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Blood Orange Oil

Blood Orange Oil 225 ml

Our Blood Orange extra virgin olive oil is made by pressing tree-ripened blood oranges together with late, fully ripe black olives, a process which captures the sweetness of the fruit and delicate oils from the rind. An incomparable treat. 

Bursting with fresh flavor, this oil pairs well with salmon, arugula, winter squashes, sweet potatoes, carrots, mint, sautéed greens, duck and chocolate. You can also combine it with Ferry Building Blend for lobster or other shellfish dishes. Blood Orange Oil makes a gorgeous vinaigrette. Or, use it in our Blood Orange Sweet Potato Puree.

Please note that our Blood Orange oil, like all of our oils, is not filtered, and so is sometimes cloudy, especially in the beginning of the year.  All oils will eventually settle out and become clear.  If your oil is cloudy there is nothing wrong with it, it is a natural, un-tinkered with product.  Filtering robs oils of texture and flavor, and we prefer a natural product.  Try it, you'll like it!

Quick Uses:

  • Cook French toast in Blood Orange Oil for a subtle orange note.
  • Whisk together Blood Orange Oil, sea salt, White Balsamic Vinegar, and freshly ground white pepper for a tangy dressing for a salad of mixed greens, roasted beets, walnuts and goat cheese.
  • Drizzle over roasted carrots and top with freshly cilantro or flat leaf parsley.
  • Make Blood Orange Brownies, a delightful combination of rich dark chocolate and bright citrus.
  • For a sweet-and-sugarless breakfast treat, use Blood Orange oil and a oinch of cinnamon on your favorite toast instead of butter or jam.  

Pairs well with: White Balsamic Vingar, Dark Balsalmic Vinegar, Marin Jerk, root vegetables, red onion, carrot, parnips, endive, pomegrante, goat cheese, duck, chicken, walnuts, hazelnuts, cinnamon, honey, vanilla, bakked goods, cardamon, almond flour, chocolate, and caramel.

Blood Orange Olive Oil Recipes

Harvest Date: January 2018

photo credit: Erin Scott

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  • Author: Susan Proto
    Blood Orange is my favorite! I use it on salads and when I prepare fresh fish. Delicious!
  • Author: Pamela BONINO
    I am nearly out of Stonehouse House OO and blood orange. When will the new crop be released?
    PB. Awol@usa.net
    BTW, your email link is broken.
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