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Blood Orange Oil

Blood Orange Oil 500 ml

Our Blood Orange extra virgin olive oil is made by pressing tree-ripened blood oranges together with late, fully ripe black olives, a process which captures the sweetness of the fruit and delicate oils from the rind. An incomparable treat. 

Bursting with fresh flavor, this oil pairs well with salmon, arugula, winter squashes, sweet potatoes, carrots, mint, sautéed greens, duck and chocolate. You can also combine it with Ferry Building Blend for lobster or other shellfish dishes. Blood Orange Oil makes a gorgeous vinaigrette. Or, use it in our Blood Orange Sweet Potato Puree.

Blood Orange Olive Oil Recipes

Harvest Date: January 2018

photo credit: Erin Scott


  • 500ml
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Works well with

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Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Stonehouse Citrus Vinaigrette Roasted Sweet Potatoes

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