There is such an explosion of Tangerine flavor in our new citrus oil that the vinegar can take a breather.

* Ingredients (4 servings) 1 large head Romaine lettuce
* ¼ c Black Olive Tapenade
* 1-4 oz. fresh Goat Cheese Medallion from Coach Farm (East Coast), or Cypress Grove (West Coast)
* ½ bunch Tarragon
* ¼ c Stonehouse Extra Virgin Tangerine Olive Oil
* Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

1. Procedure After removing any discolored leaves, cut off the base of the head of Romaine about 2 “ from the bottom. The leaves will then separate. Place the lettuce in a bowl and fill with cold water. Agitate the leaves and lift the lettuce out and transfer to another container. Any dirt should remain in the bowl of cold water. Repeat this process until the bowl is clear of dirt. Dry the Romaine well in a salad spinner or by blotting it with clean towels.
2. Pick the Tarragon leaves off the stem. If dirty, use the same cleaning procedure as for the Romaine.
3. In a serving bowl, combine the Romaine, Tarragon, goat cheese and Tapenade with the Tangerine Oil. Toss until the lettuce and herb leaves are well coated. Season with salt and pepper to taste.