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House Blend Oil 10 Liter

House Blend Oil, 10 Liter

Buy in bulk and save in style!

Depending on how much you cook, our 10 Liter is anywhere from a 3 month to a years' supply. Our BIB (bag-in-a-box) container is an ideal way to store olive oil, oxygen-and-light-free, 2 of olive oils' worst foes--the others being time and heat.  Of course, since our oils are always harvest dated, you 'll never have to worry about buying old oil.   Regarding heat, storing your oil in a cool place will help it will remain in optimum condition for 18 months!  Just pop out the spout and you're ready to refill!  Form a buying club with your cooking friends and share the love.

Our California Extra Virgin House Blend Oil is blended to achieve a balanced, medium-bodied oil with grassy and fruity notes suitable for all uses: sautes, vinaigrettes, marinades, as a finishing oil, or simply for dipping with fresh bread.An affordable, dependable workhorse in any kitchen, professional or home. 

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Harvest Date: January 2014


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  • Author: sally
    this is a great deal, i have one shipped to my house and split it with my "food club" friends.
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