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La Resdora Balsamico 100ml

La Resdora Balsamico 100ml

Our Traditional Aceto Balsamico is made using the age-old method and ingredients in Modena, Italy. Trebbiano and Lambrusca grapes are handpicked, crushed, and cooked over an open flame into grape-must, then aged in a series of wooden barrels.

The process of aging balsamico is much more complex than that of wine. The series of wooden barrels is called a batteria, which decrease in size from 75 to 10 liters. Each year, about 20% of the product evaporates, making the product increasingly dense. Once a year, the most-aged product is removed from the smallest barrel for bottling. This barrel is then topped off with aceto from the second-smallest barrel, the second-smallest is filled with aceto from the third, etc. In this way, the balsamico spends one year in each barrel, and mixes with the aceto that lingers from the year before. Our Balsamico is aged 6 years. By using a 6 year process we are able to offer a Balsamico at a reasonable price, while still retaining the classic qualitites of a true Balsamico without the excessive woodiness of a 12 or 24 year old production. Try it and see! 

Taste: The flavors come from many different points in the journey: the grapes, the cooking process, the wooden barrels, and even the culture in the each barrel, which slowly converts the fruit sugars into vinegar. This Aceto Balsamico is dark, as thick as maple syrup, and exhibits flavors of dates, smoke, and wood, with a touch of acidity to create a complexity that lingers on the palate.

DOP production: This strictly controlled designation is reserved for the highest quality balsamicos that have aged for at least 12 years, and have gone through a lengthy certification process. Our Balsamico is part of this production, but removed at 6 years. It has the same grapes, same barrels, and same Master Acetoio monitoring the production. 

Uses: Drizzle onto Parmesan cheese, or over gorgonzola and walnuts, fresh pastas, ravioli, risotto, grilled meats or roasted butternut squash. for desserts, drizzle onto panna cotta or gelato. Sometimes, we sneak it by the spoonful by itself!

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