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Mozzarella Caprese

Mozzarella Caprese

Stonehouse Dark Balsamic Vinegar is bold on the palate, but not shrill, and lends drama to a delicious Caprese. Be sure to make this in the summer, when tomatoes are at their peak.



Slice the mozzarella 1/4” thick with a sharp knife. Slice tomato 1/4” thick with a serrated knife. Hand tear the basil—this prevents bruising and releases the naturally occurring oils gently. (Alternatively,  substitute Stonehouse's Basil Oil if you are in a climate, season, or location that doesn’t offer fresh basil.)

Add 2 tablespoons or more, if desired, of the Dark Balsamic or La Resdora and enough Garlic Oil or Basil Oil to coat the salad (roughly 2 tablespoons).

Finish with cracked black pepper and serve with a nicely chilled white wine. You are now well on your way to a delightful summer salad. Serves 2.

Works well with

Garlic Oil, 225 ml
Dark Balsamic Vinegar 225 ml
Garlic Oil, 225 ml Dark Balsamic Vinegar 225 ml
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