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Olio Nuovo

Olio Nuovo 500ml

Super fresh, crushed October 12, 2014.

Our 2014 Olio Nuovo is a single varietal EVOO made from Arbequina olives grown on a small farm in the lovely Capay Valley, just one valley over from Napa.

With a grassy, green aroma, luscious, creamy mouthfeel, fruity sweetness, and just a touch of burn at the back of the throat, this oil has it all.  An oil-of-the-moment, Olio Nuovo is offered for only a few short weeks, so consume it now, at its peak of freshness! Ideal with mashed potatoes, for dressing greens, vegetables, or on a holiday roast, to celebrate the season.  Also wonderful enjoyed simply with fresh bread, as an appetizer.

Because this oil is fresh-from-the-press, it will need to be transferred to a clean bottle in 2-3 weeks, when the sediments have settled out and the oil is clear—if you have any left!  This is an ideal choice as a gift for that foodie friend you'd like to impress, or, if you have never tasted fresh olive oil, this is the oil that will make you a believer!


Harvest Date: October 12, 2014

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