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Olio Nuovo

Olio Nuovo 500ml

The olives are turning from green to blush and soon will be ready to harvest and crush. Be 1st in line for our almost-famous Olio Nuovo – the first oil of the season – from our lovely Longview ranch in Winters, California. This year's varietal will most likely be Coratina or Leccino, both early ripeners, but regardless of varietal it will be sure to knock your socks off with fresh flavor and fruit!  

Pre-order now and save 15% on your favorite size: 500ml, 750ml, or score the best deal on our new, fabulous 3 Liter refill-at-home container. Order now and it will ship October 31st. Pre-ordering helps us figure out the amounts to bottle, saving us all time and money! Pre-orders ship October 31, 2016. Please order Olio Nuovo separately, as other items ordered with it will not ship until 10/31/16.

A great finishing oil, for dressing greens, vegetables, soups and meats, or as an appetizer with fresh bread, Olio Nuovo is a fresh oil that has neither been racked nor filtered, and will need to be transferred to a clean bottle in 2-3 weeks, if you have any left! 

A limited oil, Olio Nuovo is available only in the fall of each year. 

Harvest Date: October 2016

  • 500ml
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