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Olio Nuovo --2015 NEW HARVEST--

Olio Nuovo 500ml--2015 NEW HARVEST--

Our 1st oil of the season! This year our Olio Nuovo is a blend of Tuscan varietals: Frantoio, Pendolino and Leccino, grown in Sacramento County and crushed October 16-20, a mild, almost sweet oil with a bouquet of both fresh cut grass and ripe olives, a luscious texture and a healthy kick of piquancy in the throat that lets you know it’s full of polyphenols.  

A great finishing oil, for dressing greens, vegetables, soups and meats, Olio Nuovo is a fresh oil that has neither been racked nor filtered, and will need to be transferred to a clean bottle in 2 weeks, if you have any left! Also, please remember that extra virgin olive oil is best consumed 4-6 weeks after opening, as freshness fades. 

A limited addition oil, Olio Nuovo is available only in the fall of each year. 131 cases produced.  500ml, $22.

Harvest Date: October 2015

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