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Organic Estate Blend

Organic Estate Blend 500ml

This limited release Yolo County organically certified extra virgin olive oil comes to us from the Milner Ranch in Winters, California. Comprised of mainly Maurino and Leccino olives-- with a touch of Coratina-- this very special oil is a bit more grassy than last year, but still mild and luscious, with full-bodied creaminess, no bitterness, and a mild pungency (tingle in the throat) that lets you know it's fresh and full of polyphenols. Excellent as a dipping and finishing oil. This is an exceptional oil and we have very little of it this year, due to poor weather.

The 2018 growing season (which produces our 2019 oil) was one of the worst in 25 years for California olives (and stone fruit in many areas). The trees mistook an extended early warm period in January as spring and set buds. A few weeks later a quick frost killed many of the buds. On some of our ranches we lost 75% of the crop in a matter of days---including the Milner Ranch. We will sell out of the 2019 Organic Estate in a matter of months, so if you love it scoop it up, it won't last long!

A posible side benefit to the frost is that the trees were essentially able to rest in 2018, which often means a great crop the following year. We will keep you posted on that!

Harvested and Milled in November 2018.

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