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Persian Lime Oil

Persian Lime Oil 225ml

We make our Persian Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil by crushing fresh, organic, tree-ripened Persian Limes together with olives at the time of pressing. This method preserves the essence of the fruit for use any time of year,  and imparts a richness of flavor that holds up even under light cooking.

This oil is a must for Thai and Mexican cuisines, especially in guacamole or drizzled over pad thai. Make our Garlicky Lime Vinaigrette to dress grilled prawns or a chopped veggie or steak-and-arugula salad. It also pairs well with our Harissa Blend, shrimp, ginger, soy, coconut milk, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, corn, cilantro, and all types of fish and seafood.

Please note that our Persian Lime oil, like all of our oils, is not filtered, and so is sometimes cloudy, especially in the beginning of the year.  All oils will eventally settle out and become clear.  If your oil is cloudy there is nothing wrong with it, it is a natural, un-tinkered with product.  Filtering robs oils of texture and flavor, and we prefer a natural product.  Try it you'll like it!

Persian Lime Oil Recipes

Harvest Date: January 2015

photo credit: Erin Scott

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