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Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil 225ml
In California we have fresh rosemary year round, but other parts of the country are not so lucky. So we have added Rosemary Olive Oil to our list of herb and citrus oils, so you can have the bright happy flavor of this fresh herb anytime!

We produce our Rosemary Oil by tossing fresh rosemary in with the olives at the time of crushing, a 100% natural process that captures the essence of rosemary in all its complexity, something that can never be duplicated in a lab! Great for whatever protein you're grilling—chicken, lamb, beef, tofu—and a must with potatoes, whether you're having them grilled, mashed, baked, or pan fried. Drizzle onto dinner rolls, brush onto grilled bread, or even use it in dessert, in a Rosemary Olive Oil Cake with Chocolate, a wonderful savory/sweet combo that'll shake up your world. Rosemary Oil also pairs well with Napa Valley Rub to pan fry chicken or roast pork.

In addition to adding flavor to your dishes, herbs contribute significant amounts of important vitamins and minerals, even in small amounts.

Harvest Date: January 2015

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