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Select Blend

This year we are pleased to offer a 100% Leccino extra virgin olive oil, bottled as our Select oil, a mild oil, that will compliment-- and not overpower-- subtle flavors.


To make our Select oil we hand-pick the olives early in the morning, directly into old-school arm shoulder buckets--no electric rakes, nothing mechanical, no tarps on the ground--then crush at the mill in the afternoon.  These olives have been coddled!  The oil, kept in stainless steel tanks, is racked at 4 weeks but otherwise undisturbed.  


The resulting oil is fantastically luscious-- a perfect 10 in the mouthfeel category-- with both mildly grassy and buttery notes, a mellow, rich finish, with a decent kick of piquancy in the throat that lets you know it has its share of polyphenols, like oleocanthal, a compond which has similar COX-2 inhibiting affects as ibuprophen.  


Leccino is one of the five or six olives traditionally used in a Tuscan blend, and typically unavailable on its own.  


Harvest Date: January 2016

  • 500ml
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  • 750ml
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