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Although you may have never heard of it, Verjus isn't a new, novelty foodstuff, but an ancient staple making its comeback! Used in place of a "squeeze of lemon" in the days before lemons were widely available in European cooking, this tart, sour, slightly sweet, centuries old ingredient adds a layer or depth the simple lemon only dreams about! This artisanal Verjus is produced in limited quantities before the wine grape harvest each year. When the grapes are still green, about 6 weeks before harvest, we walk the vineyard and thin out the clusters, so the perfect amount of grapes per vine remain to ripen to perfection for wine. With the green grapes we have thinned, in the spirit of "waste nothing," we make Verjus, green juice, as people have done for centuries. An added benefit is that Verjus does not clash with wine.

Verjus Recipes

Quick Uses & Ideas:

* Mayonnaise: Use Verjus instead of lemon juice or vinegar when making mayonnaise. See our 2 Minute Mayo Video for how easy it is to make your own fresh mayo!

* Quick Sauce: Use as a poaching liquid for fish, chicken or vegetables and then reduce it to a syrup, adding a little butter to make a Verjus sauce. Easy and delicious.

* Marinades: Add to marinades for pork, as when marinating pork ribs. Similarly, it makes a great addition to barbecue sauces in place of or along with vinegar.

* Sauces: Use in sauces that will be used with poultry, especially duck, which goes well with fruit-based flavors as in the iconic duck with orange sauce. A few drops of Verjus added to the sauce will cut the often extreme sweetness of this orange glaze.

* Deglaze: Use it to deglaze pans, especially if you prefer to use non-alcoholic liquids for deglazing but want something with more complexity than water.

* Beverage: Mix with sparkling water and a little sugar for a refreshing summer alternative to lemonade.


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