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Winter Bruschetta

Winter Bruschetta

Winter Bruschetta

Quality ingredients are the key to this simple, satisfying appetizer. And the dose of vitamins K and C will keep you healthy all winter!


Preheat oven to 325.  Strain tomatoes, saving juice for another use. Slice baguette in half length-wise and toast in the oven for 5 minutes, dry (without oil). Dry bread crisps works best. Rub garlic, cut-side down, across the length of baguette halves. Then drizzle with olive oil, top with half of the spices, all of the tomatoes, then balance of spices, another drizzle of olive oil, and the chopped parsley.  Slice baguettes on an angle into serving-size pieces, about 8 per side.  Voila! For less, use half the baguette. Parsley has a crazy high amount of Vitamin K, and is also a good source of A, C, Folate, and Iron, so use plenty! 


Pop baguette back into the oven for a few minutes once topped with ingredients but before cutting, for hot bruschetta. Vary the toppings with: fresh basil, rosemary or cilantro; crumbled feta, grated parmesan, or a drizzle of Dark Balsamic. Also works well with Olio SantoGarlic, Basil Oil or Rosemary Oil.


photo credit: erin scott.