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Reserve Blend

Reserve Blend 375 ml

Our Reserve Blend is our most aggressive oil, as big and as bold as they come, made for your heartiest dishes.  Grassy, with a big kick of piquancy in the throat, this oil is great for dipping, dressing salads and greens, or drizzled over grilled vegetables, meats, soups, and stews; a must for classic Tuscan White Beans, minestrone, or other simple, rustic Italian recipes.  Excellent on Bruschetta.  If you are looking for a special oil to give as a gift, this is it!

A blend of classic Tuscan varietals: Frantoio, Pendalino, Leccino. Crushed in October 2015, stored in stainless steel, and racked at 4 weeks but otherwise unfiltered.
.2% FFA
International EVOO standards are less then 1% FFA, making our Reserve Blend essentially 5 times higher quality!
Harvest Date: October 2015
  • 375ml
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