Olio Nuovo EVOO


It's here! Olio Nuovo means "new oil" in Italian - it's the first pressing of the season, a limited release for just a few months of the year!

This year's is 100% Arbequina from Capay Valley, CA - and just LOOK at that color! It is superbly fresh, creamy, grassy and tingly/peppery in the back of your throat - with lots of healthy polyphenols. Use it for salads, drizzle it on everything, and just enjoy the simple pleasure of dipping with fresh bread.

Our first harvest and pressing was the weekend of Nov. 7th - we hauled home as much as we could to bottle the first round in 500ml and 750mls, but it's a limited amount until we can get the rest done in another week or so. If you don't see the size you want in stock, please click "Notify me when available" on the side.

Please note:
All of our Olio Nuovo is bottled in dark green glass to better protect it (but we just had to show you the color in the photo too)!

Olio Nuovo is naturally hazy - just like most fresh juices are - because its straight from the press and hasn't been racked (allowing the tiny olive particles to settle) or filtered. You may see this start to settle out over time, which is totally normal.

This product is not available for Subscriptions due to it's seasonal nature.