Olio Nuovo Coratina EVOO


Olio Nuovo means "new oil" in Italian - the first pressing of the season - a limited release for just a few months of the year.

Our Olio Nuovo Coratina is the 1st harvest of a crop we planted 3 years ago in dreamy Capay Valley, which is farmed organically and will be certified in 2022, when the trees are fully up to speed. We are super excited about our Coratina--hopefully the 1st of many great seasons to come.

This is a robust & peppery extra virgin olive oil, boasting a grassy, olive-y bouquet, with a luscious texture, green apple note upfront, a tropical fruit finish, and just the perfect amount of bitterness--due to the presence of oleuropein, a polyphenol exclusive to olive oil made from green olives-- and a solid piquancy (the burn in the throat) due to the presence of oleocanthal, another olive oil polyphenol with anti-inflammatory effects similar to ibuprofen. Coratina is typically used as a blending oil, to bolster milder varieties and give a blend some oomph, so if you like bold, strong oil, this oil will delight! If you're looking for an olive oil with healthy polyphenols, this is also the one. 

Olio Nuovo is typically unfiltered and not racked before bottling, although, we have racked this oil and allowed it to settle for 3 months before bottling, which eliminates much of the sediment. However, please treat it as a Olio Nuovo, and decant it to a new bottle after 1-2 months (if you have any left!)  Use it for salads, as a fishing oil in hearty winter fare, or just enjoyed simply by dipping with fresh bread, or on your morning toast, one of our favorite ways to enjoy olive oil, as the warmth of the toast makes the flavors pop. Keep an eye out for our Polenta recipe, which will be posting soon--a great dish when finished with Coratina.

Please note:

All of our Olio Nuovo is bottled in dark green glass to better protect it, we just had to show you the color in some of the photos!

We recommend buying what you will use in the next 2-3 months, and decanting any oil you have left in 1-2 months, leaving the sediment behind. Our bottles clean up nicely in the dishwasher so you can re-use them.

This product is not available for Subscriptions due to it's seasonal nature.