Olio Nuovo EVOO 3-Pack Samplers: Various Sizes

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Olio Nuovo means "new oil" in Italian - the first pressing of the season - a limited release for just a few months of the year.

The best way to get to know olive oil is to taste side-by-side, and to experiment pairing different oils with different fare. We love the creamy Arbequina on salads or dipping with bread, the bold Coratina drizzled over pasta, polenta, soups and stews, and Piqual, which reminds us of fresh tomatoes, as a finishing oil on pizza or bruschetta with an aged balsamic! Try them all and see what combos you love best.

The 3-Packs Include:

  1. Olio Nuovo Arbequina EVOO - lusciously creamy and sweet, with tasting notes of toasted nuts, on the milder side, light peppery burn
  2. Olio Nuovo Piqual EVOO - bright and vegetal, with a prominent green tomato notes and light peppery burn
  3. Olio Nuovo Coratina EVOO - robust and bold, with green apple notes and a balanced sweet-bitter and very peppery finish

Olio Nuovo is unfiltered and typically not racked before bottling, although we have racked this oil and allowed it to settle for 3 months before bottling, which eliminates much of the sediment.  However, please treat it as a Olio Nuovo, and decant it to a new bottle after 1-2 months (if you have any left!)  Use it for salads, as a fishing oil in hearty winter fare, or just enjoy the simple pleasure of dipping with fresh bread.

Please note:

All of our Olio Nuovo is bottled in dark green glass to better protect it, we just had to show you the color in the photo!

We recommend buying what you can use in the next 2-3 months, and decanting any oil you have left in 1-2 months, leaving the sediment behind. Our bottles clean up nicely in the dishwasher so you can re-use them.

This product is not available for Subscriptions due to it's seasonal nature.

Customer Reviews

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I just received my shipment and was only able to try the Arbequina. It is FABULOUS!! The creamy/milky texture of the unfiltered Olio Nuovo is just such a treat. It also has a wonderfully light nutty taste with a nice little bite at the end. Just perfect drizzled over a spinach and cheese ravioli or tortellini.

Try it!!

I look forward to the Olio Nuovo from Stonehouse every year. The variety pack in various sizes is the way to go. I love it unfiltered as it is clearly as fresh as it gets. Give it a try. Not everyone may be your favorite but always top quality at Stonehouse and fun to expand your olive oil palette.