Organic Jumbo Popcorn Kernels

It's another year of Netflix my friends, and that means . . . popcorn!

Our US-grown (in IL, IN, OH, and PA), non-GMO Organic "MUSHROOM" Popcorn Kernels are extra-large and pop into a round mushroomed shape with tons of surface area for oil, butter, salt and seasonings, commonly used for kettle corn and concession stands. Not available in supermarkets! It makes a robust, sweet, and crunchy popcorn.
Making popcorn from scratch is quick, easy, and much healthier, since you'll be using organic non-GMO corn, quality fats and spices. Our favorite Stonehouse topping combo ideas here. The possibilities are endless!

One of the most delightful things about good olive oil on popcorn is that still-warm kernels blossom the aromatics and flavors of the oil when you drizzle it on. It's one of our favorite ways to experience and appreciate an olive oil - possibly even better than on bread. Try it with our bold Reserve EVOO or our Olio Nuovo Coratina EVOO for a more fruity oil.

Get our Organic Mushroom Popcorn a la carte with your favorite Stonehouse products or try one of our Popcorn Kits (shop here):
  • 2lb Bag of Popcorn + Persian Lime EVOO + Harissa
  • 2lb Bag of Popcorn + Rosemary EVOO + Black Truffle Salt
  • 2lb Bag of Popcorn + Reserve EVOO(a bold, classic oil) + Maldon Sea Salt

Some of our other favorite oil and spice combos are:

  • Hot Chili / Habanero EVOO / Persian Lime EVOO + Smoked Maldon Sea Salt
  • Any classic EVOO + coriander + nutritional yeast + Maldon Sea Salt
  • Anthony's cheddar cheese powder (get it on Amazon) is a great addition to any of the above!
  • Basil EVOO + Zhug (since Zhug is more granular than powdery, make sure to get a good coating of oil on your popcorn first)! Or try Habanero EVOO and Zhug if you really like spicy.
  • Blood Orange EVOO + powdered hot cocoa mix (or cocoa powder + a little powdered sugar) + cinnamon + a little sea salt -- DESSERT popcorn that's light on sugar!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I like the popcorn a lot! I thought it was a little bland with the olive oil though.

I am now using peanut oil for the popcorn. My suggestion is for Stonehouse to create a specific oil for the popcorns.

Thanks for this idea of a specific popcorn olive oil, we'll certainly consider that. In the meantime, we do feature and recommend a few olive oil + spice combinations in the popcorn kits and on the Stovetop Popcorn Recipe page as well. Certainly don't skimp on drizzling with olive oil and seasoning/salt after you pop the kernels (spices are fabulous on popcorn too since you can get a LOT of flavor and variation in your snacking that way)! I hope you give it another try - keep drizzling rounds of olive oil and salt on your popcorn and tossing until you get it seasoned how you like it. As with cooking most anything, some trial and error and lots of tasting helps! Here's the link to the recipe with more tips and ideas:

Mushroom popcorn

While the popcorn does have the "mushroom" look, I found much of the popped corn to have too many hard kernels that did not fully pop. This made for wasting a lot of the snack because it was too difficult to chew.

Thanks for your feedback. We have also found it has a bit more 'unpopped' kernels left at the end than most. This is because the kernels are all organic and non-GMO so it's part of what nature gives when you let it be more natural (more variation/imperfections). To us, for the rest of the big, toothsome mushroom popcorn pieces we decided it was worth it.