Printed Anniversary Bottle


As part of our ongoing effort to encourage re-use (one step better than recycling) we are delighted to offer our printed, 22nd Anniversary 750ml Bottle for refilling your favorite Stonehouse olive oils at home, so pretty you won't be able to throw it away!

As strange as it sounds, the sand used to make glass is not unlimited, it is a specific type of sand which takes generations to form, so it behooves us to respect our natural resources now, and make one-use bottles a thing of the past! Refill the printed bottle at home, from your 3 or 10 Liter dispenser, which saves you 20+% on your favorite California extra virgin olive oils, and the planet's precious resources.

We recommend ordering this with a pour spout for the best user experience! Control the pour to a drizzle, save oil, and you'll feel like a pro. Or get the whole kit and caboodle with our Deluxe 3L Set, which includes a House Blend EVOO 3L, Printed Anniversary Bottle, and Chrome Pour Spout!