The 10 Liter is now a 9 Liter!

The 10 Liter is now a 9 Liter!

The 10 Liter is now a 9 Liter!

 We've switched our super popular 10 Liter bag-in-a-box bulk oil to a 9L! Why the change? The bag fits better in the box & makes the math on how much you're save easier. Win-win.

All of our 10Ls will switch to 9Ls in time, but as of July '21 we are excited to launch:

1) House Blend EVOO: Our most popular, classic go-to everything olive oil. Cook, sauté, dip, dress & finish, our House Blend does it all! 

$200 for 9L -- Compare to:
      18 x 500ml bottles (save 35%)
      12 x 750ml bottles (save 20%)
      3 x 3 Liter pouches (save 12.5%)

2) Organic Arbequina EVOO: The best evoo we've made this year - grassy, creamy, freshy fresh and off the charts with polyphenols, i.e. healthy antioxidants! We drizzle it on everything from morning toast to dinner veggies to chocolate ice cream for dessert, and eating more fresh loaves of bread than we care to count :) $325 for 9L / $125 for 3L

3) Lisbon Lemon EVOO: Aromatic, bright, and zesty with no bitterness! Great for salads, greens, chicken, seafood, and baking (try our Lemon Olive Oil Zucchini Bread or Blueberry Lemon Pancakes)! $275 for 9L / $100 for 3L

Our 3L, 9L and 10L bulk containers are fabulous because they protect your oil from light and oxygen for a long, long time. Like 2+ years. Dispense into a smaller container what you'll use on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to always have the freshest oil on hand. It can actually change your life!

Check out our FAQ page for more info about our bulk sizes and packaging.


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