Olive Wood Spoon + Spatula Combo

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Olive wood is known for being a very dense, durable wood that's minimally porous compared to other woods so it holds up for a very long time!

Get both of these amazing utensils!

  • Long-handled olive wood spoon, for making sauces, soups, sautés, and more - super versatile! The spoon is just over 14" in length, 3" wide.
  • Olive wood spatula, for scrambling eggs and sautéing, or as pancake turner and crepe spatula. The spatula is 12.5" in length, 2" wide.

For the longest life, hand-wash these wooden utensils after use, and periodically rub the olive wood with a light coating of olive oil to keep the wood properly hydrated. They are safe for use with all types of cookware finishes.

Customer Reviews

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Currin Berdine
Love mine

Favorite all-purpose cooking and serving utensil. I hand wash and keep in good shape by rubbing a little olive or vegetable oil on it occasionally.

Barbara Mucciolo
Olive oil spoon and spatula

Beautiful quality!!!