Plastic Pour Spout


Pour like a pro and save! No more messy fingers, oil and vinegar dripping down the bottle, accidentally pouring too much at once, etc...

Fits any of our bottles (except 100ml).

Use the Plastic Pour Spout for olive oil or vinegar! Go with this Plastic Spout instead of a Chrome Spout for vinegars especially - using acidic fluids with a metal spout can cause corrosion or impart a metallic taste over time.

Customer Reviews

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Tamara A
For Vinegar

I use this for my vinegars and it is exactly what I wanted. Pours nicely, no drips. Very happy with it!

Two ways to pour

Works as stated, wonderful for vinegar and oil both, but I don't leave it in my oil bottles since no seal. I mostly use this one for vinegar and things like that. It modulates the pour nicely, or, if you flip it over to pour (so it drips off the point of the spout), you can really get just little dashes of vinegar, which is nice if you don't want too much to come out at once.

Alan Robock
no flap, so it cannot seal the bottle

I wanted to use this instead of the cork that comes with the 500 ml Olio Santo, but it doe not have a flap to close the bottle, and it is not worth the trouble to insert it, pour with it, and then wash it every time I use the oil. The other bottles have a screw cap and internal spout, so I thought this would solve the problem, but it does now. But it pours nicely when I use it.

Thanks Alan - we agree! We find these plastic pour spouts are best for vinegar, where you can leave them in and the air contact over time is not so much an issue. The chrome pour spouts (linked in description above) are the best for olive oil that you'll use regularly, since they have a flap to prevent free-flow of air into the bottle. Pour spouts in general are best for olive oil only if you'll leave them in and use the product up in the matter of a couple of months.