Swedish Sponge Cloths: Variety Prints


6.5" x 8"
70% cellulose, 30% cotton
Sold Individually

One of our favorite recent discoveries! A Swedish Sponge Cloth is 70% plant-based cellulose (wood and other plants) and 30% cotton, 100% natural and compostable! It offers a stylish, sustainable alternative to sponges and paper towels. Great for cleaning counter tops, cook surfaces, washing dishes and more.

1 Swedish Sponge Cloth saves about 15 rolls of paper towels, and absorbs up to 15 times its weight!

These cloths dry hard but become soft and pliable when wet for easy clean-up; simply wet, wring out, then they’re ready to clean with or mop up spills.

They can be washed in the top drawer of the dishwasher and allowed to dry on the counter top, or washed in the washing machine. Lasts for up to 12 months, and can simply be composted when they are used through!

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