Tea Towels: Variety Prints


100% lightweight fast-drying cotton
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Tea towels (also called floursack towels) are made from very thin 100% cotton threads, not as thick as classic dishtowels, but not as light as cheesecloth, and dry very quickly. One of their best features is that they are free of lint, which makes them an excellent choice for drying glassware, cleaning windows, TV and computer screens, and chrome, in addition to covering bread dough while resting, or wrapping dinner rolls/bread to keep warm at the table, without getting soggy.

They are also excellent for drying greens: once you’ve run greens through the salad spinner, lay out a tea towel on the countertop, spread the greens over the entire towel and gently roll into a log, pressing lightly to get the final drops of water. You can then use the greens right away or place the still-rolled towel in a plastic bag and then into the fridge to further crisp until you’re ready to use. This technique is especially great for crisping romaine for a Caesar.

Printed Single Towels: hand-drawn artist designs on neutral cotton

  • 19" x 33" San Francisco Map
  • 27" x 27" Painted Ladies, Kitchen Measurements & Green Herbs


Customer Reviews

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Andrea Boehmer

I bought the flour sack towels last year. After using one, I put away all the other towels I had been using! Nice and large, dry very quickly, easy care, many uses other than drying dishes. Now I will order these patterns.....for gifts.....maybe.......

Jill Sheffield
Towels to cheer the work

These towels - both the festive colored ones and the measurements one - have arrived. It is going to be difficult to part with them at Christmas - my original intent. They are so absorptive...ok...so I’ve already used one of them!