Black Truffle Mushroom Polenta

Black Truffle Mushroom Polenta

Black Truffle Mushroom Polenta

A simple yet impressive dish that's wonderful all winter long! Comforting, nourishing, and healthy - the combo of mushrooms with truffle salt is richly umami and satisfying without any meat, and you can easily make this recipe completely dairy free as well. Want more greens in your life? See our variations at the bottom - we also love this dish with collards greens, with or without the mushrooms!


1. Start polenta first, using a 1:4 ratio of dry polenta to water with a pinch of kosher salt (some recipes call for butter and/or milk which we find unnecessary). We like to cook it about 30-40 minutes, which develops the creaminess and natural sweetness of the corn, as we prepare the rest of the meal, stirring often to make sure it's not sticking. If it gets too thick, stir in a little more water, if it gets too thin just cook it a bit longer. When done stir in a tablespoon of olive oil before serving.

2. Chop mushrooms 1-1.5 lbs per two people. We typically use brown button mushrooms, chanterelles, trumpet and/or oyster mushrooms, but most any work. A chunky chop all around the same size is best so they cook uniformly. Saute mushrooms in a generous glug of House Blend, Olio Santo or Rosemary EVOO, over medium heat with a sprinkle of Black Truffle Sea Salt. Do not crowd the pan--mushrooms need space to sweat out the water before they can brown and overcrowding ruins the texture. It's best to have bigger pieces and cook them approx 5 minutes per side and just flip them once or twice. Cook until starting to crisp, then remove from the pan. If you're doing 2 batches let the 1st batch rest on paper towels to absorb any excess oil and add back into the pan to rewarm for a minute just as the 2nd batch is finishing. Taste for salt and season with additional Truffle Salt to taste, then plate all the mushrooms while you make a quick sauce.

3. To make the finishing sauce: De-glaze the browned bits in your pan with with a little sherry, wine, or water. We like to throw in a little coriander (optional, thyme is also good) and knob of butter, and swirl it all around for just a couple minutes over low heat--the butter makes a more luscious sauce and you just need a tablespoon or less. Sub olive oil if dairy free.

4. Dollop the polenta into shallow bowls. If you slowly pour the sauce on the side of the dish where the polenta meets the bowls it will work its way all the way around the edge. Then add a tablespoon or so of sauce to the middle add chopped parsley or basil (optional), then add the mushrooms, and finish with a little drizzle of your favorite fresh EVOO - we are LOVING our Olio Nuovo varietals right now. Serve with a crispy side salad.


  • Don't like mushrooms or trying to eat more greens? Saute a side of chopped collard greens and serve on their own or over the polenta with the mushrooms on top. The collard green-polenta texture combo is wonderful.
  • Freshly grate Parmesan cheese over polenta before adding sauce dusting on top of everything after plated.
  • If you can't get enough truffle, you can also add polenta with Black Truffle Salt directly into the polenta as well.

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