Chocolate Ice Cream with EVOO & Maldon Sea Salt

Chocolate Ice Cream with EVOO & Maldon Sea Salt

Chocolate Ice Cream with EVOO & Maldon Sea Salt

Our favorite way to enjoy chocolate ice cream! This unusual combination highlights the qualities of each ingredient by setting them against each other: chocolate juxtaposed to the grassy fruitiness of olive oil, salt against sweet, the crunch of salt flakes to the smooth textures of the ice cream and olive oil, making each ingredient shine. It’s fun to serve at a dinner party, or just for family. You may never eat chocolate ice cream any other way again!


  • Strauss Organic Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream — or an equivalent quality
  • Any classic Stonehouse EVOO: House Blend, Select Blend, and Organic Estate are our favorites; Or try a flavor like Blood Orange or Rosemary EVOO!
  • Maldon Flake Sea Salt 

Scoop ice cream into individual serving bowls and generously drizzle with Stonehouse House Blend extra virgin olive oil— use it the way you would a chocolate or caramel sauce—and finish with a sprinkle of Sea Salt—don’t be shy! It’s crucial to use a flaky salt here, as the texture, as well as its own particular kind of saltiness, is important. AND it's important to get ice cream, olive oil, and salt all in the same bite, so scoop well!

Photo credit: Erin Scott

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