Olio Santo EVOO


Smooth, buttery, mild, with just a hint of a piquancy on the finish to let you know it's super fresh and full of polyphenols, but without any bitterness at all. A super user-friendly EVOO, Olio Santo is the brand that started it all for us, and has been Ina Garten’s and Williams Sonoma’s EVOO of choice for over 25 years!

An excellent all-purpose EVOO, perfect for cooking, sauces, roasting, dressing greens and vegetables, for finishing, or enjoyed simply with fresh bread. 

As always, our olive oils are first- and cold-pressed, and grown herbicide and pesticide free. Try the one that started the California extra virgin olive oil movement in 1996 and set the standard for California Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Harvest Date: Oct 2023 - Jan 2024

Buy in Bulk & Save!

  • Our 3-Liter saves 13% compared to 6 individual 500ml bottles = reduces the price from $22 to $19.17 per 500ml
  • 3L 2-packs saves $17% compared to 12 individual 500ml bottles = $18.33 per 500ml
  • Our 9-Liter saves 26% compared to 18 individual 500ml bottles = $16.39 per 500ml
  • 3 and 9 Liter containers are light and oxygen-free - the best solutions for storing olive oil long-term. Save big, stock up on your supply for the year, and never run out of your favorite oil! Just keep your bottle and refill at home—both the 3 and 9L come with an easy-to-refill spout! You save money and keep less glass out of landfills.
  • Read more about our bulk containers on our FAQ page.
  • For the full refill-at-home setup, get it with an empty glass refill bottle ($3) if you don't have a bottle already, and a chrome pour spout ($3).

bottles photo credit © Erin Scott

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
anna neubauer
Love buying the large size

Have always loved Olio Santo olive oil and its grassy taste. I was extremely happy when I found I can get a 3L size and it will last until I need another one:) I did have to do a double take on the label though, it showed the Stonehouse label extremely large on the front and the Olio Santo in small print on the upper right. I didn’t know you had changed the label.

Thank you Anna,
As for the labeling of the pouch, it is a temporary solution until we have our Olio Santo Specific pouch back in stock sorry for any confusion we have caused.

Stonehouse team

I keep coming back for more...

That is how good Olio Santo EVOO is. It is the only olive I use because of the taste and lightness of the product. Dip some italian bread in the olive oil mixed with parmesan cheese and enjoy,

Liz Pennacchio
Great olive oil

Love this olive oil but one of the bottles was leaking.

Thank you for the kind response! How much of a leak? Is there anything we can do for you in regards to the leaking bottle?

Stonehouse Team

Sandy Prescott
Soooooo Smooooooth :)

Somehow I just knew this would be good ... and it is! So smooth, not bitter, no aftertaste, and with just a little lemon, S&P, you have the most perfect green salad. Very happy with this purchase ... worth every penny!

Jim L
Preferred Olive Oil

My second purchase - and now my preferred olive oil. The taste is smooth & goes with virtually every dish!