Olio Santo EVOO

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Our current batch of Olio Santo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (August '22) is smooth smooth smooth - buttery and nutty, with no bite or bitterness. This is our richest, most mellow oil, one of our favorites so far this year! Some customers found the original 2022 Olio Santo blend to be a little on the stronger side than usual so we made sure to adjust the blend for the rest of the year - let us know what you think! 

Olio Santo is an excellent all-purpose extra virgin olive oil, perfect for cooking, sauces, roasting, dressing greens and vegetables, as a finishing oil, or enjoyed simply with fresh bread.

We are proud that our Olio Santo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is The Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten's olive oil of choice for over 20 years! Check out this article for her favorite pantry items and food essentials.

Try the one that started the California extra virgin olive oil movement all in 1996 and set the standard for California Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Fabulous for everything: cooking, drizzling, dipping and more. As always, our olive oils are first- and cold-pressed, and grown herbicide and pesticide free.

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  • Our 3 Liter holds the equivalent volume of six 500ml / four 750ml bottles! Save 17%!
  • Our 9 Liter holds the equivalent volume of eighteen 500ml / thirteen 750ml bottles! Save ~25%!
  • 3 and 9 Liter containers are light and oxygen free - the best solutions for storing olive oil long-term. Save big, stock up on your supply for the year, and never run out of your favorite oil! Just keep your bottle and refill at home--both the 3 and 9L come with an easy-to-refill spout! You save money and keep less glass out of landfills.
  • Read more about the bulk containers out more details on our FAQ page and read about our switch from 10L to 9L here.
  • For the full refill-at-home setup, get it with an empty glass refill bottle ($3) if you don't have a bottle already, and chrome pour spout ($3).

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Customer Reviews

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Kimberlee Padilla
The Joy of Gifting

Delicious products from olive oil to seasonings that inspire me to cook. I actually gifted the olive oil and Zhug to six friends that hosted a delightful Moroccan party. The Zhug was perfect since it complemented the Moroccan theme. I wish I had ordered some for myself, but I will. The customer service was exemplary.

Peter Vallone
Great Flavor

Well balanced flavor without any bitterness. Great for dipping bread, on salads, bruschetta, and vegetables.

Robert Wallace
Perfect Balance

Olio Santo is a beautifully balanced EVOO. Started using it after dinner 10 years ago at Tra Vigne and have used it as our home EVOO ever since.

Loretta Monkres

Of course I was made aware of your olive oil by watching Barefoot Contessa! I ordered 2 bottles and halfway through the first bottle I hereby declare it my favorite!
Will definitely order again.
I had stopped using olive oil (switching to Avocado oil) because I couldn't find one to suit my palate.
Customer service was helpful when I encountered some "damage" to one of the bottles - the flavor was not affected. Thanks for making such a delicious product.
Sincerely - Loretta

Marianne Moloney
Olio Santo, great tasting EVOO

Customer Service is outstanding, and this oil is wonderful on tomato bruschetta, salads, pasta, bread dip and perfect for cooking. I have been using it for 4 - 5 years; love the fresh clean taste.