House Blend EVOO

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Our California House Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a balanced, fruity, medium-bodied olive oil, suitable for all uses:  sautés, vinaigrettes, marinades, baking, roasting, as a finishing oil, or simply for dipping with fresh bread--an affordable, delicious, dependable workhorse in any kitchen, professional or home.

As always, our olives are grown herbicide and pesticide free, cold-pressed, and properly racked and stored in stainless steel tanks in temperature controlled facilities.

Harvest Date: Oct '21 - Jan '22

375ml & 750ml bottles are sealed with a cork.  We recommend using them with a chrome pour spout or plastic pour spout for ease of use, fun, and cleanliness (less drips!)

Buy in bulk and save.

  • Our 3 Liter saves you 18-38% (compared to 4 individual 750ml bottles, or 8 individual 375ml bottles)
  • The 9 Liter saves you a whopping 28% (compared to 12 individual 750ml bottles).
  • Our refill-your-bottle-at-home 3 and 9 Liter containers are light, oxygen, and BPA-free, the best solution for storing olive oil long-term - so save big, stock up and never run out of your favorite oil! Both have an easy-to-refill spout that pops out. Save money and keep less glass out of landfills. Only 30% of all glass is actually recycled, so re-using glass is the best option.
  • Check out more info on bulk containers and olive oil shelf life our FAQ page and read about our switch from 10L to 9L here.
For the full refill-at-home setup, try our Deluxe 3L Set (House Blend 3L, refillable bottle & Maldon Sea Salt), or get it with an empty glass refill bottle ($3) and chrome pour spout ($3).

    Customer Reviews

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    Margherite A Hutchison
    The best olive oil

    Each year we order several bottles of Stone House Olive oil to give as gifts to our friends and neighbors. All recipients are thrilled to receive this superior olive oil. We keep a bottle for ourselves because we love it for salads and cooking!

    Melissa Cunningham
    Delicious Olive oil and great customer service!

    I have been a purchaser/consumer of Stonehouse EVOO for over a decade and for the first time I received a 9L box that had exploded/opened during transit. It was a mess as you can imagine but within minutes of me emailing Stonehouse with an attached photo of the mess, they shipped off another 9L box which arrived as usual, unharmed and in great condition. It is sad to have had that happen and I wish UPS had been more careful but I am very grateful to Stonehouse for being so efficient and helpful with getting a replacement to me. Thank you! And the olive oil is delicious as usual!

    Steve Oda
    Delicious and delectable

    I’ve purchased EVOO from Stonehouse for more than twenty years and have always been totally satisfied with the delicious flavour, aroma and mouthfeel!! You can’t go wrong with Stonehouse!

    Peggy Imai
    Very good OO

    I give away your olive oil for gifts. I like buying the 3L bag (free shipping, yeah!!!) and share it w/my family. I tell them to bring over their own bottles for refill. It also makes a wonderful annual gift to the special cooks in my life.

    Allen Hardy
    This is a great olive oil

    The cornerstone of many recipes in our kitchen, including some great salads