Deluxe 3L Sets


Set yourself and your loved ones up for good eating with these kitchen staples!

The Deluxe 3L set includes:

Our 3 Liter is the best way to store olive oil long term, as it is both light and oxygen free, even once "opened". The House Blend 3L will refill the 750ml bottle 4 times, so purchasing a 3L and refilling yourself at home saves $12 or 13% on the price of a 750ml.

The Olio Santo 3L will fill 6 500ml bottles, a savings of $20 (1 bottle free) or 17%! Plus, you'll always have great olive oil on hand.

Check out more info about our bulk 3Ls on our FAQ page.

Don't want the side kicks? Order the 3Ls or learn more about each oil here:

Round out your gift with olive wood utensils, tea towels, or other thoughtful kitchen basics!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Elizabeth J
The Best Olive Oil

This is the best olive oil I have ever tasted and the only olive oil I will use for my salads. This is the olive oil that got me to switch from bottled salad dressings!

Allen Hardy
very nice Christmas gifts in festive packaging

We delighted the chefs in our family with 3L EVOO in decorative packaging, and a couple of oil, vinegar and spice samplers

Connie Morgenroth
Love the New Deluxe 3L Set

I was turned on to the Olio Santo Olive Oil by Ina Garten many years ago; it's the best! And I've been ordering the Olio Santo 3L olive oil pouch for several years, but really love that they included a new refillable 500ml bottle and spout with it in this set! Thanks Stonehouse Olive Oil!

Kathy Nerud
Great Olive Oil

I discovered Stonehouse olive oil at the San Francisco Ferry Building and have been a fan ever since. The “house” oil is my go to everyday favorite and I like the ease of use of the 3 liter container and that it also keeps the oil fresher. I also enjoy putting together a mixed trio of the 100 ML bottles to give as gifts.

Cynthia Kretmarjjj

Love the oil and the packaging. Been using it for 35 years and now my children are ordering it. What more can I say ?