Deluxe 3L Sets

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Set yourself and your loved ones up for good eating with these kitchen staples!

The Deluxe 3L set includes:

Our 3 Liter is the best way to store olive oil long term, as it is both light and oxygen free, even once "opened". The House Blend 3L will refill the 750ml bottle 4 times, so purchasing a 3L and refilling yourself at home saves $12 or 13% on the price of a 750ml.

The Olio Santo 3L will fill 6 500ml bottles, a savings of $20 or 20%, that's 1 bottle of 500ml! Plus, you'll always have great olive oil on hand.

Check out more info about our bulk 3Ls on our FAQ page.

House Blend is our best-selling medium-bodied extra virgin olive oil with a fruity and slightly peppery taste, great for everything from cooking to salads and dipping bread.

Olio Santo is Ina Garten's olive oil of choice! A slightly milder (compared to the House Blend) medium-bodied creamy, nutty extra virgin olive oil with no bitterness and a very mild pepperiness- also great for everything from cooking to salads and dipping bread.

Organic Arbequina is our favorite cold-application and finishing oil. It is a bolder yet still creamy, grassy, oil with green-tea notes, and a peppery finish - our go-to for salads, dipping bread and finishing over any dish you where want to give a pop of extra flavor without overpowering.

Don't want the side kicks? Order the 3Ls on their own here:

Round out your gift with a citrus juice press, olive wood spatula, printed towels, or other thoughtful kitchen basics!

Customer Reviews

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Giles Lofton
Really appreciate the freshness

Great way to keep your olive oil fresh with the 3 liter container,
The jalapeño flavor adds a nice flavor

Julia Graham-Whitt
Best olive oil, as usual!

I admit I didn't realize that part of the "3 gift pack" was an empty bottle. Oops. However, even though we refill our olive oil bottles, it's good to have one for traveling. Have not tried the salt yet, but look forward to it. In the future, I'd probably just buy the olive oil, which is our absolute favorite.

Appreciated housewarming gift

Convenient supply of great quality oil for dear friends newly installed in first home. Part of a Stonehouse "care package" of vinegar, oils and spices very much appreciated.

james stambolis
Great Everyday Olive Oil

Fantastic olive oil and buying it in the bag is less expensive and keeps the oil fresher. A great deal!

William Heidemann
Friggin Delicious

We've started using this olive oil for everything. I try to tweak recipes to ensure it works around the olive oil vs other types of oils or emulsions. The taste is simply sublime.