This versatile, classic Moroccan blend can be used add punch to almost any dish. Make classics like Harissa Chicken, sprinkle over hummus and popcorn, or give your favorite dishes a new twist. As with all our blends, it’s made fresh every couple of months in small batches and dated to ensure flavor and freshness.

Ingredients: Californian and New Mexican Chilies, Coriander, Garlic, Salt, Cumin, Cayenne and Citric Acid.

Quick Uses & Ideas:

  • Harissa Chicken is a quick classic. Combine 1-3 tbsp Harissa with a little bit of garlic and enough Stonehouse House Blend, Garlic oil or any of our Citrus oils to make a paste. Rub on chicken an hour or 2 before grilling or roasting, and finish with a few more shakes when the chicken is done cooking, to layer flavor.
  • Classically used to season whole fish with slices of lemon.
  • Sprinkle on popcorn. Fantastic! We love it with our Persian Lime EVOO especially.
  • Season sweet potato fries before and after cooking, then finish with a squeeze of lime.
  • Great for kebabs, stews and lamb.
  • Excellent with scrambled eggs.
  • Top hummus with Harissa and House Blend or Garlic oil.
  • Try our Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob recipe!
  • Scroll down or visit our Recipe Page for more ideas.

Pairs Well With: lamb, vegetables, beans, chicken, steak, kebabs, potatoes, eggs, seafood, popcorn, carrots, yogurt, Lisbon Lemon oil, Persian Lime oil, Blood Orange oil, Garlic oil, Hot Chili Oil, Habanero oil

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 jar photo credit © Erin Scott

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hello Morrocco

Tastes like my last visit to Morrocco. Great.

Michael Hosokawa
A special and unique spice

I am still learning to use harissa. Added to ketchup, it is great on hamburgers or fries. Added to salad dressings, it is enough heat to bring the dressing alive without the burn of hot sauce or chiles.