Aglio Olio


A deceptively simple, classic combination of seasonings that brings instant flavor to practically any dish: veggies, meats, fish, salads, soups, beans, you name it. To create an easy appetizer, combine with your favorite oil and enjoy as a dipping oil with fresh baguette. As with all our blends, it’s made fresh every couple of months in small batches and dated to ensure best flavor.

Ingredients: Garlic, Red Chili Flakes, Parsley & Sea Salt.

Quick Uses & Ideas:

  • Makes a perfect vinaigrette: Stonehouse House Blend EVOO, Apple Cider Vinegar or White Balsamic Vinegar, dijon mustard, Aglio Olio, and cracked black pepper.
  • Season roasted portobello mushrooms before and after grilling or roasting.
  • Stir into goat cheese for a tangy, garlicky spread.
  • Sprinkle on top of poached or fried eggs.
  • Makes a great shrimp scampi: Toss with spaghetti, olive oil, and shrimp cooked in a splash of white wine.
  • Season pizzas & flatbreads.
  • Finish vegetables with a splash of House Blend and a few shakes of AO.
  • Top hummus with Stonehouse House Blend Olive Oil and a few shakes of AO for a quick app or snack.
  • Scroll down or visit our Recipe page for more ideas!

Pairs Well With: steak, chicken, pork, eggs, vegetables, pasta, shrimp, seafood, potatoes, in vinaigrettes, Garlic EVOO, Hot Chili EVOO, or any of our citrus EVOOs!

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top photo credit © Erin Scott

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I should have gone with my first instinct and bought the largest size available. I used this on grilled chicken and when the rest of my family smelled how good my lunch smelled, I was tasked with cooking for the rest of my family with this seasoning. IT’S SO GOOD. My only issue is that now I have the responsibility of cooking for EVERYONE each time I use it haha. We all love it. Repeat buyer for life.

This was first offered to me as a free sample months ago when I first visited San Francisco. Love love love it!


The best

Kathryn Dakis

I love this on baked potatoes. lt is also great mixed into a dip for veggies or chips.

Perfect for practically everything.

I love using this to flavor my olive oil and flatbreads...but it is unforgettable when it is mixed with butter and slathered on any roasted chicken/hen. My family won't eat a roast chicken without it anymore! I first got this as a sample from my mom, and now I'm ready to buy the biggest pouch!

Great blend

I love this blend and ordered it many times. It’s just a perfect mix of herbs and spices.