Lisbon Lemon EVOO

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To make our delicious Lisbon Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we crush organic tree-ripened Lisbon Lemons (a classic variety lemon) together with late harvest olives, a process that fully captures the flavor and color of the fruit, creating a versatile oil you can use in any dish that calls for lemon.

As olive oil is both a natural preservative — literally preserving the flavor of fresh, aromatic lemons — and a conduit for flavor, our citrus & herb oils are no-brainers for fast, fresh flavor any time of year! Our oils are always first- and cold-pressed, and grown herbicide and pesticide free.

Harvest Date: January 2020

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    Quick Uses & Ideas:

    • Add 1 or 2 tsp to tuna fish or potato salad to add a bright, lemony note.
    • Whip up a Citrus Vinaigrette for leafy greens, farro and quinoa salads.
    • Drizzle over steamed spinach, kale, chard, or collards – olive oil increases the bioavailability of nutrients in many vegetables!
    • Blend with snipped parsley, minced garlic, grated Parmesan, and sea salt for a quick sauce to top anything from roasted chicken to a warm bowl of minestrone to pasta.
    • Marinate a round of goat cheese in our Lisbon Lemon Oil with our Napa Valley Blend for a delectable appetizer.
    • Scroll down or visit our Recipe Page for more ideas!

    Pairs Well With: Napa Valley Blend, Aglio Olio, OMG, Harissa, Rosemary oil, Basil oil, Garlic oil, chicken, roasted vegetables, pasta, shrimp, seafood, potatoes, fresh herbs, both fresh & cooked greens, White Balsamic & Apple Cider Vinegar

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    • Our 3 Liter holds the equivalent of 6 bottles, for the price of 5!
    • 3 and 9 Liter containers are light and oxygen free - the best solutions for storing olive oil long-term. Save big, stock up on your supply for the year, and never run out of your favorite oil! Just keep your bottle and refill at home--both the 3 and 10L come with an easy-to-refill spout! You save money and keep less glass out of landfills. Sad but true: only 30% of all glass is actually recycled, so re-use!
    • Check out more info on our FAQ page.
    • For the full refill-at-home setup, get it with an empty glass refill bottle ($3) if you don't have a bottle already, and chrome pour spout ($3).

    Rather start small and sample around? Try our Citrus Sampler Sets!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Andrea Boehmer

    I add this lemon oil to sauté vegetable, dribble on baked salmon with dill, and anything else I can think of!

    Henry Strause
    Flavor bomb

    Lisbon lemon olive oil adds flavor to everything. I’ve used it in sauces and drizzled on vegetables after a quick sauté. My favorite use for it is in focaccia. I brush the pan and the top of it before baking and the lemon flavor permeates the bread! The balsamic vinegar and oil then makes a great dip after you’re done.

    Lisbon Lemon

    Amazing oil for a multitude of dishes :-)

    Gregory Skruch
    In Pancakes!

    I used the Lisbon Lemon EVOO to make lemon-blueberry pancakes per a recipe suggestion on the Stonehouse website and they were AMAZING! May be my best ever. I never would have thought to put EVOO in pancakes, so great EVOO and great suggestions combine for a super delight.

    Lori G
    Excellent Olive Oil

    I have purchased Lisbon Lemon Olive Oil for over 13 years from StoneHouse. I have tried others but this is the best tasting.