"Onion, Mustard & Garlic" gives this spice blend its name, but it is much more... A rich savory blend with just a hint of kick, OMG is perfect for roast lamb, chicken, ham or dark greens, and ideal for pan-frying chicken or salmon. As with all our blends, it’s made fresh every couple of months in small batches and dated to ensure best flavor.

Ingredients: Shallots, Mustard, Rosemary, Lemon, Black Pepper, Sel Gris (sea salt), Garlic, Oregano, Chili, Cloves.

Quick Uses & Ideas:

  • For a crowd pleasing Dipping Oil appetizer, combine House Blend or Olio Santo—with OMG in a 4:1 ratio, let sit for an hour, adjust to taste and serve with sliced baguette.
  • Season roasted potatoes or Warm Potato Salad
  • Dredge chicken rubbed with olive oil in OMG before pan-frying
  • Season sautéed greens
  • Make a quick vinaigrette with Stonehouse House Blend and a splash of vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Great on scrambled eggs
  • Season salmon before and after cooking, for best flavor
  • Use as a seasoning for roast chicken, pork, lamb or ham, before and after cooking


Pairs Well With: soups, casseroles, kale, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, green beans, bacon, pork chops, ham, lamb, collard greens, potatoes, salmon, lamb, House Blend, Olio Santo, Basil Oil (a staff favorite pairing) or Garlic Oil...

photo credit © Erin Scott