"Onion, Mustard & Garlic" gives this spice blend its name, but it is much more! A rich, savory and versatile blend with just a hint of heat, OMG is a perfect rub for chicken, lamb, ham and salmon. It's also wonderful with all kinds of veggies from dark leafy greens to sweet potatoes. As with all our blends, it’s made fresh every couple of months in small batches and dated to ensure best flavor.

Ingredients: Shallots, Mustard, Rosemary, Lemon, Black Pepper, Sel Gris (sea salt), Garlic, Oregano, Chili, Cloves

Quick Uses & Ideas:

  • For a crowd pleasing dipping oil appetizer, combine 4 parts House Blend or Olio Santo olive oil with 1 part OMG, let sit for an hour, adjust to taste and serve with sliced baguette.
  • Season Roasted Potatoes or warm potato salad.
  • Dredge chicken rubbed with olive oil in OMG before pan-frying
  • Season sautéed greens
  • Make a quick vinaigrette with our House Blend oil and a splash of vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Great in scrambled eggs or a spinach and cheese omelette.
  • Season salmon before and after cooking, for best flavor.
  • Use as a rub for roast chicken, pork, lamb, ham or salmon before and after cooking.
  • Scroll down or visit our Recipe Page for more ideas!

Pairs Well With: fresh basil, soups, casseroles, cheeses, white beans, kale, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, green beans, meats, salmon, potatoes, winter squash, Rosemary oil, Lisbon Lemon oil, Basil oil (a staff favorite pairing), Garlic oil, Hot Chili oil

OMG! Spice Measuring Spoons!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeanne Adelo
Great stuff

Wings, pork you name it it’s good on

Harvey Stafford
OMG is no idle boast - it's the real thing!

Tried this on ground lamb patties grilled over coals and it blew my mind. It is a perfect balance and supercharges whatever it's sprinkled on. Pork meatballs, smoked pork shoulder, roasted new potatoes, pizza Bianca are all dishes I've pushed to a new level with OMG. It's like when I discovered Harissa or Herbs De Provence - more than the sum of its parts. I keep buying it and gifting it to friends.

Kathleen Swaydan
The name says it all!

OMG is the best mix of spices and herbs that I have ever used. I shared it with family members then purchased more for myself and for them. OMG is a big hit as far as I'm concerned.

Julie Mazor
Best spice on earth!

I’m so lucky to have discovered OMG on a trip in San Francisco a few years back. My husband and my 2 sons love it just as much as me. We all put OMG on everything. I mean everything! My boys will put more on even after I cook with it. Always have a huge bag in the pantry! I don’t ever want to run out. It really is the best!


I first bought this in a market in San Francisco and fell in love with it. It's awesome! I know its made for sharing but I want to savor it all myself!!